Banking Systems


FELIX ATS (Automated Teller Safes)

With our FELIX systems you can be sure of secure, reliable and efficient cash transactions even in open customer service zones. These systems are integrated flexibly in your individual architecture, freeing up staff capacity.

Automated, accelerated front-office operations generate a closer and more intensive relationship with your clients. This promotes active sales, improves the quality of service and, at the same time, reduced costs.


Assisted self-service as an effective enhancement for cash processes

To ensure that front-office processes will be even more efficient and flexible in the future:

  • Cash-Dispenser for coins and notes is able to dispense every amount in the mix you wish.
  • Cash (e.g. a combination of paying out balance and payment by giro transfer form or savings books) is not paid out by the teller, but transferred online by the customer card, ec-card or a special transfer card.